Proper Noun, or auxiliary verb which refers to the use of calligraphy as a transmission vector, linking the information, vehicle of the word, to the movement that allows its spelling!


                            Welcome ...

My Work...

       My work, after a good inspiration starts with a brush, drops of chinese Ink and a canvas or a paper, or any other the wall in your living-room!

        This essential part of my work unites knowledge and know-how "by and with" the breathe to make the gesture flexible and harmonize the traces!

        Nothing is frozen, and to attempt to represent what we see must go beyond the external shape, itself constituted of billions of cells and molécules in a continuons movement!

     Thus, the human body is a word made up of various universes,working together. 

Each organ with the others, and each One for the others, in Homeostasis!

 The Name and the word, as for them, transmit all the constituent and identary part of the individual or the thing represented! 

              The successfull portrait should integrate the apparent and the hidden ,

the shape and the name, in a Unity Whose movement would be the Sole Représentative!

The Breath is Life!

                The Calligraphy, by the modalities of its appropriate realization, constitutes a particularly rewarding exercice!

           Thus, by the control of the breath, the constancy and the fluidity of the line become possible...

The Virtual Passage!


          Between figurative and abstract, my work is fixed in the present moment, between the  fact and the        ...felt!

From the breath to the sign, and from the sign to the meaning...