Earth has always recycled!

At the time of recycling and ecological issues, let us see how the Earth has always worked in this direction, avoiding all waste, subject to wisdom and with a power of self-régulation taking the breath away!

Nothing is lost, nothing is created ...

..... everything is transformed ...

The nitrogen cycle

The nitrogen cycle is one of the most complex of biogeochemical cycles.




Atmospheric nitrogenN2 ), which accounts for nearly 80 % of the weight of air, represents the largest reserve of this element for the biosphere.

However, few organism can use it as it is.


 To be assimilated by plants, the nitrogen must be in an oxidized formnitrates(NO3-) or reducedammoniaNH4+).



The nitrogen cycle is constantly fueled by the atmosphere in different ways, the most important of which is bacterial fixation.




Some microorganisms are capable of fixing nitrogen in the air:



Bacteria(azotobacter and clostridium) using the energy of their respiration to directly incorporate N2 in the form of proteins.

Once dead, they enrich the soil with organic nitrogen.


Bacteria(rhizobium) living in symbioses with legumes in nodules attached to the roots also participate in this recycling 


They assimilate enormous amounts of atmospheric nitrogen and transform it into organic nitrogen which nourishes the plant and diffuses into the soil when the nodules die out.


 "Blue algae"(cyanobacteria) can also directly fix nitrogen in the air.

They play a very important role in the productivity of rice fields.


 Electrical discharges from thunderstorms causes oxidation of nitrogen and produce nitratesN2 + O2 -> NO3) which settle

On the soil and can then be assimilated by plants.


Nitrogen is thus brought to the roots of plants in the form of nitrates, used for the "manufacture" of vegetable proteins, and thus enters the food chains.


 At the death of plants and animals, the decomposers gradually pass the nitrogen from the organic state to the mineral state with the final productammonia(NH3).


  The ammonia is then taken up by other bacteria which gradually transform it into nitrates ( NO3-) again assimilable by plants: this is the process of nitrification.



Nitrogen fixed by living organisms can return to the atmosphere.



There is, in fact, process of bacterial 

denitrification in which the nitrates are transformed into nitrogen and returned to the atmosphere.



A small part is also released into the atmosphere by volcanic phenomena!

Everyone has "his" own specific Job, from the "micro" to "giants"!

The Sulfur Cycle


In the biospheresulfur flows mainly in the form of:





Hydrogen sulfideH2S )sulfur dioxide(SO2) and sulfates(SO4 2-).




 Generally, in most soilssulfur is a fairly rare element that comes from the decomposition of parent rock containing minerals such as pyrite(FeS2).


  The main source of sulfur for living organisms is sulfates(SO4 2-), whose solubility in water makes it the only available form of inorganic elemental sulfur.



  These sulphates can be absorbed by plants that use them to develop sulfurized aminoacidscystine, cysteine and methionine.



When plants die, this sulfur is restored to the soil by the activity of microorganisms(eg sulfobacteria) which reduce organic sulfuramino acids) to hydrogen sulphide( H2S ).


Hydrogen sulphide can then be released in the air or water or converted into products whose oxidation results in the production of sulphates which can be taken up again by the roots of the plants and thus continue the cycle.



The sulfur cycle also has a sedimentary phase.



When it is precipitated in an anaerobic medium in the presence of ironsulfur accumulates in the form of iron disulfide (FeS2), which can be reintroduced into the cycle by soil erosion and volcanism!

Earth Taking!

Grounding is a mandatory and essential part of any electrical installation!

It allows the evacuation of so-called "faut currents" to earth and therefore avoids electrocution if a device is poorly insulated or if loss of electrical power occurs for x reasons!

It also eliminates the electric fields that radiate from metallic structures as in the case of buildings, electrical appliances or luminaires etc...

One walks on a battery!

Earth would be like an electric battery that is continually recharged by solar radiationelectric flashes and heat from its molten core.


 Thus, the surface of the earth would be an infinite source of free electrons, and it would distribute its electric charges according to a rhythm,




or a frequency, of its own and which would vary according to

The moments of the day.

 Free electrons are electrons that are not firmly fixed in an atom or molecule!



 These are negative charges which, being non-fixed, move to neutralize positive charges.



 This is the concept of the current flowing in an electric wire where the electrons move from negative charge to go to positive charge: it's the conduction!





It is hard to have both feet on a huge battery and to be yet, always flat!

Electrical Interaction man-Earth!

Our bodies are made up of a complex electrical circuitry and all the mechanisms that ensure the functioning of the body work through loads and electric fields.


The movement of nutrients and water at the cellular level, the functioning of the brain, the heart, the muscles and the immune system all use a form of electromagnetic energy!



When the human body is in direct contact with the earth, it would benefit from these electrical charges and rhythms that would ensure a balanced functioning of its various functions.



The electrical signal of the Earth would also play the role of a sound reference from which the different biological cycles can be established!


 When one walks barefoot on the Earth or on the grass or on the sand, the body connects!

Of course, the whole body is a possible"contact zone",

But let's start with the feet!

Honor to those who support us, First!


  One of the main benefits of grounding our body would be that it provides us with an unlimited supply of free electrons!



According to theory, these free electronscome to neutralize some positive charges in the body that are responsible for chronic inflammation.

 When an inflammatory process occurs in a region of the body, there is free radical formation.



Free radicals are unstable molecules that lack an electron to become stable.





For this reason, free radicals tend to damage cell molecules such as DNA to monopolize an electron!



This molecule is said to be oxidized.

It will then miss an electron to these molecules "attacked" by the free radicalswhich causes a chain reaction while the new molecule will also try to steal an electron, causing other free radicals! 


The antioxidants that are obtained in the diet will play a role to counter the free radicals, but their reserve can sometimes be depleted.



Grounding(connecting to the earth) would be a powerful antioxidant since it makes it possible to obtain all the free electronsnecessary to neutralize free radicals 




The result is a decrease in chronic inflammation and related diseases.





One study evaluated the influence of grounding on inflammation using thermography or infrared imaging.





Thermography makes it possible to measure the temperature at the surface of the body and present it in an image...




 The warmer areas of the body will appear as red and the areas colder as blue.




 The zones of sore, being warmer, will appear as red.

The study consisted of taking the thermographic image before and after a period of 30 minutes of grounding tocompare.



The results were edifying, a significant decrease in inflammation was observed after only 30 minutes!




Thus, according to the few studies carried out on this inspiring subject, there would be a series of advantages to the earthing of the human body:




A decrease or elimination of chronic pain,

Improved sleep,

An Energy Gain,





Reducing stress by reducing cortisol levels, stress hormone,







Fluidification of blood, decreasing bloodpressure and





improving blood circulation,

 Reduces muscle tension and headaches,






Decreases menstrual symptoms,

 Accelerates the healing of wounds,

 Reduces or eliminates the effects of jet lag,



Again, grounding to the Earth protects the body against the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic waves, and in the era of mobile phones this is a real asset!




Finally, it will significantly accelerate recovery after an intense physical activity!

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