Anatomy, the other Universe ...

In this section, tribute is paid to all these structures of the shadow that constitute our bodies. These muscles, organs, or tissues that share our lives, a source of inspiration that never expires.

 I dedicate a "Caligraphyto each of these structures, as a modest "thank you", because working in the shade, they are the real masterpiece!



The external appearance of the body is largely determined by the bones and muscles.

 But beyond the form, the functional, structural, chemical, and histological aspect in the realization of a movement is breathtaking!


Their positions are perfectly adjusted for maximum efficiency; Which like elastic bands adjust and coordinate their phases of contraction and relaxation to give movements of unparalleled "finesse"!

Lymphatic system

Kilometers of highways, canals run through the body, borrowing directions and with a finely chosen constitution.


Throughout these channels, production chambers(the lymph nodes) will be positioned!


These rooms are the place of production of the soldiers of the body: the whiteblood cells.


In large part, the motorway followed by the lymphatic channels is identical to that of the circulatory system regarding its disposal and its direction.

Respiratory system


Do you know that tree lies within you?


An inverted or reversed treewith roots as nerves, trunkfor trachea, cartilaginousrings as bark, branches represented by primary and secondary bronchi

and Bronchioles, for the finest branches!


Forest trees consume CO2and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

Guess what your inverted tree does, and don't  forget, it's upside down...